Jtol is a Max library dedicated to real-time pattern generation using tree datastructure

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Jtol is built and used by jt rinker and olivier pasquet. It is a library dedicated to real-time pattern generation and can be applied to architectural design, music, dance; everything requiring constructed evolution in space and time. It deals with multi-scaling and multi-dimensions where rhythm is considered to be a skeleton onto everything else is attached (pitches, params…). Jtol was first programmed in python in max with the help of bertrand nouvel. It gathered data structures similar to the jitter library but with a nested architecture. A newer version is now using the bach library and still runs in max. It has nevertheless been programmed in order to always be able to easily get rid of the bach library. It is inspired by libraries like athenaCL, numpy, scipy, abjad, pyevolve, pwgl and open music. Some purely generative music devices will soon come for max for live.

http://www.opasquet.fr/jtol - http://www.cycling74.com - http://www.bachproject.net